John Stott’s magnificent book The Preacher’s Portrait describes five roles that a pastor-preacher fills in serving the church of Jesus Christ.  For the next five days, I’m going to share one of those five roles, for the consideration of our church.

A steward is responsible to manage the resources of another in a way that serves the desires and best interests of the master of those resources.  In a broad sense, all Christians have been entrusted with gifts, skills, and resources that they are responsible to use to serve Jesus, but the pastor fills a unique roll of stewardship in the church.  He is entrusted with the faithful, regular, effective dispensing of the Word of God to the church.  He is to prepare and present the Word in such a way that it can be taken in by the church and acted upon in the life of the church.  Likening the ministry of the Word to the feeding of a family, Stott writes, “So the skilled steward sees that his larder is kept well stocked  He will never weary the household with a monotonous menu, nor nauseate them with an insipid diet, nor give them indigestion with unsuitable food.  The steward will rather be like the householder whom Jesus described, “who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old” (Mt. 13:52).”

So, first and foremost, the pastor must be a man who, in a skilled and winsome manner, applies Word of God to the day-to-day life of the congregation entrusted to his care.