Healing from Spiritual Abuse (SAFE)

At Grace Church we are deeply concerned for those who have been hurt in both Christian and non-Christian settings, churches, and organizations. We host a monthly meetup in Portland, where we welcome survivors from all spiritually abusive backgrounds for a relaxed time of learning how abusive systems function, and of forming healthy relationships with other survivors. SAFE meetups are in partnership with the International Cultic Studies Association. We suspended our meetups during the Covid19 pandemic, but are scheduled for three meetups beginning in July 2021, and a one-day conference in October! For more information, please contact Pastor Ken (kengarrett1960@gmail.com), Sharon Garrett (sharongarrettis@gmail.com),  Ken Garrett (kengarrett1960@gmail.com) or visit our Facebook page, Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education, or on meetup.com under “SAFE.”  











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