For a thousand years in Your sight Are like yesterday when it passes by, Or as a watch in the night.

“In a hundred years no one will not the difference, anyway…”  How many times have I heard that or something like it said to explain the relative insignificance of an event or condition? Paint you house with the wrong color of paint?  In a hundred years who will know the difference?  Build a deck with untreated 4X4’s?  Treated or untreated, in a thousand years, the deck will be dust anyway.   Cheat on your taxes?  In a hundred years, it’s a safe bet to say that no one will be coming after you.  But according this verse, the passage of time does not erase the events of time; time is quite irrelevant to God.  A thousand years are like yesterday…or as a watch in the night. The word like is key here—it is a signal to the reader that what follows is a metaphorical presentation given so that the reader can better understand the subject.  In other words, the thousand years is not equal to yesterday or a watch in the night, it is similar to them, in that it is just as clear and immediate in the awareness of God as if they had all occurred, at once, yesterday.  Events, circumstances, actions, and lives that existed a thousand years ago are just as fresh and clear to God as if they’d existed yesterday, or even a few hours ago in the night.  They are relevant, in the same way you are aware of (and may care about) he things that happened yesterday.  You may even live your life differently today because of something that happened yesterday.  The things that happened yesterday are also remembered.  Besides not remembering things that happened a thousand years ago, we have trouble recalling things that happened last week!  But in the same way that we do remember yesterday—what we did, where we went, who we met, etc., God even more clearly remembers everything that has ever occurred, be it one, ten, a hundred, or a thousand years ago.  And as the things that happened yesterday remain into today, so with God the unfinished business and plans begun but not finished, remain before Him.  The lawn that you left half-mowed yesterday awaits you today, the project that you left unfinished on your desk yesterday awaits you today, etc.  In the same way, the lives, generational habits and qualities, and personal and governmental movements begun a thousand years ago continue to unfold in their effects and results before the eyes of God today.  And so do the works of faith, noticed or unnoticed in their time, remain in the mind and heart of God; precious, unforgotten, and one Day to be commended and publicly recognized.

Thank the Lord today that all that you do today out of a heart of faith will not be forgotten, and will not fade with time, but will remain treasured and precious to Him.  Let us live our lives as if there were no calendars governing our days, but only the watchful, ever-remembering eye of a loving, righteous God.


Pastor Ken