16 Let Your work appear to Your servants And Your majesty to their children.

 We often know more about what God has done in the past, and are often much more certain of what He will do in the prophetic future than we are convinced of what He is doing around us, before our very eyes.  We miss the obvious, or at least, we are often blind to the fact that what is happening is a result that began in the endless, inscrutable mind of God.  We are by nature overlookers of the obvious.  Rarely do we see the forest through the trees, unless it is pointed out to us.   The word work refers to the acts of God in human history, not particularly of His act of creation itself.  As Moses ends his song of praise, confession, and supplication, he goes as far as to ask that those servants of the Lord who follow him would have the spiritual eyesight to see the hand of God behind the workings, events, and movements of the world around them.  That is the kind of revelation that Moses asked for.  That is the kind of revelation we still need today.  We believe God is always at work, always moving and arranging and completing His perfect will in the world around us, and in our own lives…but how often do we get specific as to identifying His fingerprints on our lives and experiences?

Gracious Father, please show me something of what You are doing today in the world around me.  Let me see in my life, my friends and family’s lives, and in my community—all the things that You are accomplishing, and give me a heart to join in where I might be a part of Your great work.  Please open my eyes to You today!  Amen.