The Lord’s Supper

“…do this in remembrance of Me.” Luke 22:10

The Lord’s Supper is a memorial meal.  Christians all over the world observe it to remember something very precious—the death of Jesus for their sins.  A few years ago Sharon and I visited our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.  It is a city of memorials.  There’s one to the Marines, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Holocaust, and many others.  It’s frankly a very poignant, moving experience just to spend a couple of days visiting the memorials in that city.  But there’s one memorial that had great impact us when we visited that great city.  As you fly over it, it appears as a simple, black “V” cut into the grass of the Capital Mall.  There was much controversy and argument concerning its design, but once the Viet Nam War Memorial was completed, almost all criticism ceased.  For on the day that the memorial was officially opened, the public was treated to a wonderful, poignant surprise.  The black stone that the memorial is made out of, on the face of which is carved the names of the thousands of Americans who died in Southeast Asia, has been polished to such a luster that when one stands in front of it, reading the names of our fallen soldiers, one sees himself!  It’s a moving, sobering experience to stand in front of the memorial, reading the names of the fallen…and then, to notice that you are also looking at your own reflection in that polished stone!  The Lord’s Supper is like that.  Look closely at it, and as you participate you will see yourself there, with Him, for when He suffered for the sins of the world, He was surely suffering for your sins as well.