New Life International Baptist Church

We had a wonderful service at Grace yesterday. My kids were thrilled upon entering the sanctuary from 12th Avenue and finding the Christmas tree next to the fireplace, and the whole sanctuary bedecked for the great celebration of the Christ Child! The best part of the service, though, was that we were joined by our wonderful family from New Life International Baptist Church. We enjoyed several musical pieces from our guests. We also had a special visit from the prophetess Anna (think Luke 2)! Thank you to everyone who contributed to decorating the sanctuary and participating in the service yesterday, especially New Life International Baptist Church–we love you!









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  1. It is very difficult to describe what affect that wonderful service had on me – it was one of the most wonderful Christmas experiences I have ever been involved in! It was the most beautiful experience and gift of God! I have never heard anything or anyone share and do what Anna did and give, it completely put me on a different, most sacred level where I have never been and will never lose.

    Thank all of you and God!


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