The Pandemic and Worship @ Grace Church

Greetings Grace Church family and friends,

Thank you for your continued faithful support during the pandemic. The past 15 months have been filled with many acts of service and gestures of kindness, generosity, and encouragement for each other as our community adapted from gathering in person to gathering remotely. I am certain we are all missing the joy and togetherness of our Sunday worship services. As restrictions on gathering are loosening, we are excited to resume our Sunday morning worship at Grace Church beginning June 13!

Although we are eager to return to in-person worship, our service will be different than it was pre-pandemic while we learn how to best care for our congregation and continue our mission to reach our community with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. In short, expect change! Here are some of the ways our service will be different:

  • Our services will begin at 10:30 AM. We will try to complete each service within one hour. To help with airflow, the exterior doors will remain open and overhead fans will be running throughout the service, so dress accordingly.
  • For now, there will be no children’s ministry or adult Bible studies. There will also not be a hosted coffee hour after the service, although you’re welcome to gather together as you are comfortable. The patio behind the church will be available.
  • Consistent with current health guidelines, everyone is required to wear face masks / coverings within the building. The only exception will be speakers, preachers and musicians while they are speaking/performing, and only after providing proof of vaccination. We realize there may be some strong feelings about wearing a mask, especially in light of the availability of vaccines; however, at this time we will require every member of the congregation to share the responsibility of caring for each other by wearing a mask while inside the building. Masks (and hand sanitizer) will be available at the entrances if you need one.
    • We recognize keeping masks on little kids can be especially challenging. Please be patient with our young families who will do their best to help their kids participate in promoting a safe environment for everyone.

There will be a lot of adjustments and fine-tuning to our Sunday gatherings over the next few months. Your grace, patience and cooperation are essential to us safely gathering together again. Our congregational life and Sunday experience is greatly impacted by the proportion of attendees who are vaccinated. If you have not already done so, please consider getting vaccinated to help us move forward in worship and gatherings as a safe, healthy church.

Warmly, and on behalf of the Grace Church Council,

Pastor Ken


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