We will host another Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education on October 5th, 7pm, AT MCMENAMINS KENNEDY SCHOOL, on NE 33rd off of Killingsworth Blvd. (Note: we’re NOT meeting at the church–this is a new venue!) At this meeting we will focus on the personality of the abusive leaders, with a focus on narcissism in the Christian pastor. We’ll meet in the Community Room–there won’t be food and drink served to the room, but you’re free to come and go, and to grab food and drink at one of the pub bars/restaurants and bring it back to the room. I’m trying to build a meetup routine that includes some education (for now, me talking a bit) and comfortable sharing and friendship building. Please join us–all are welcome!

Please see our Event invite on our Facebook page to RSVP, if you’re able.

Thanks! Ken