Every Sunday, an amazing group of people gathers downstairs during the sermon: our precious toddlers and preschoolers! We love the energy and transparency these little ones bring to our services and it is a great privilege to welcome them into the midst of all we do on Sunday mornings.

When children enter our church, each of us has an incredible opportunity to demonstrate God’s great love for them, whether we are teaching in the children’s program or not. We never know what our kindness, patience, or short conversation will mean to a child, but it just might make all the difference in the world to them and become an important aspect of their growth in Christ.

With this in mind, we view every interaction with children on Sunday mornings as a sacred appointment. We expect God to join our class downstairs just as he is joining the rest of the congregation upstairs. We anticipate opportunities God would give us to hold the new baby, or ask a child about school this week, or say hello to the quiet preschooler, believing that each of these moments are part of the great work God is doing in his church every week.

God is doing wonderful things in all those affected by our children’s ministry at Grace as we look to him to do so! For the last few months, each of the volunteers in our program has been praying daily for one child in our church, from the babe-in-womb to the older teens. As we pray, we are seeing God answer our prayers and work in these kids–and he is working in us, too! We have noticed the children growing in their love for each other and their teachers. They also love being in their class downstairs, and you should hear what they have to say about Jesus! My own children talk throughout the week about their friends at Grace, young and old, and I know this is the beautiful result of them being so completely welcomed and integrated into our church family.

Following the service on January 25, we are hosting a short training workshop for volunteers in our children’s program. If you are interested in learning more about serving children and families at Grace, please join us. Above all, please pray for our kids and their families this year! Would you ask God to arrange for a sacred appointment for you and one of our children next time you are at church? Even if you aren’t officially in the children’s ministry, each of us can be part of ministering to children at Grace Bible Church!