My kids don’t worry about deadlines or a never-ending “to do” list that just keeps growing. But they do worry about playtime and bedtime rituals. Any deviation from normal is cause for great alarm. “No, mommy has to brush my teeth!” wails Felix when his daddy tries to help get him ready for bed. “We have to sing a song before we pray,” says Fiona when I fail to remember we have a pattern for saying goodnight.

No, children don’t worry like grownups do, but their young hearts are just as concerned with matters of great importance to them. Their scratched knees, broken toys and sibling squabbles fill them with worry–even if typically short-lived–in the same way our cancers, overdue bills and marital fights weigh us down as adults.

Our children need to hear over and over again, just as grownups do: Nothing about you is irrelevant. God cares for you. For the next few weeks, this is the focus of our Sunday morning toddler-preschool class. Our memory verse is 1 Peter 5:7 (NIrV): “Turn all your worries over to him. He cares for you.” Through songs, games, and conversations over toys, we will reinforce this beautiful truth–“God cares for you, Judah. Tell God whatever is important to you, Fiona.”

Would you take time to pray this verse and its truth about God over our children and their families this month? Pray that our Grace kids would experience God’s care for them as we greet them on Sunday mornings and as they play downstairs in their class. Ask God to show his love to our Grace parents through the love their children have for them. Pray that our children will know deep down to the tips of their toes that they are loved and welcomed by the God who made them!

May our church continue to be marked by hope and rest in God’s care for the youngest to the oldest among us.