Written by Roger Whaley on Sunday, February 26:

I failed at church today and I feel horrible about it.  I try to make it a point to greet every new person when they visit us.  Today, a younger lady was sitting on the 12th street side of our church and I just didn’t make it to her.  Jeanie, bless her heart, spotted this lady just as the worship was beginning and thought, “Well, I’ll make contact with her after church.” However, the young lady walked by me during our wonderful worship and said, “People here are cold, I am going to find another church.”  Before she left I talked and prayed with her, but there is one thing I didn’t do.  I didn’t ask her to forgive my lack.  This incident broke my heart.  We had a wonderful time of worship and great teaching, but a visitor came in and did not feel loved!  Ouch.  Maybe she was an angel, unaware!  

You know what?  I am not the only one who lacked today. We all did!   I know you probably feel as I do.  I feel crummy whenever I remember her face.  There are a number of Grace Bible people who do a tremendous job reaching out with Christ’s kindness towards our visitors, but we missed this young, and I think, hurting lady (Dawn).  I sure did!!!   

Let’s even do better!!  Come to church prayerful (I am speaking to myself, too) remembering there are some hurting, lonely people who visit us.   They, like us, need Jesus.  We are representatives of the Savior Jesus.   You know what?  It is our calling to care and love everyone who walks through our doors.   If you are not inclined to get involved in a conversation with a visitor, that’s okay.  Just go out of your way to say, “Hello, welcome,” or “Thank you for visiting us”.  Let us never allow someone to come to church and not feel welcome. You, “Grace People”, are warm and loving believers in our Savior, filled with God’s love.  Show off a little!

Oh, don’t forget to pray.