Well, here we are, months into the Covid19 pandemic–and it appears months to go,before it is safe and wise to meet again for public worship. It is certainly challenging times for churches, if not dis-settling! 

But you what? We’re doing pretty well. We know who we are, and what we are as a community of followers of Jesus. Despite the disruptions to the traditions, celebrations, and rhythms of our dear church, ministry goes on. Through these challenges days we’ve seen the Lord work with us, and through us, to extend His values, love, and truth to the culture around us. We are discovering gifts of service and talent that we didn’t realize we have in our church, and also, more freely acknowledging the love and affection that we hold for each other and for this dear, troubled city, Portland! 

So, until it is safe to do so, we are going into the Fall months continuing to cancel all public gatherings. In place of our weekly worship we now post a weekend worship service on Youtube. 

There is no time right but God’s time, and we see ourselves squarely placed by Him for this time in our city. Please join us in some online place: Facebook, this website, Youtube, etc. We hope and trust for the day we can meet face to face! 

Jesus is alive, loves, and shows up in the life of His church!

Warmly, Pastor Ken



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