June 3, 2020

Greetings, and welcome to our web page!

Well, the disrupted, often tortured summer of our dear country continues. Amid COVID-19, with its distancing measures, economic shutdown, unthinkable death tolls and exposure rates, we are now grappling with the murder of George Floyd. The resulting protests, which at times have turned to riots, are shaking our city—we hope in the end there will somehow come the reconciliation and its shalom-peace that we and our dear neighbors long for.

As we are in downtown Portland, we have a front-porch seat of much of the urban life of this city. Through it all we at Grace Church continue to grapple with issues of faith and health, faith and economy, faith and church, faith and social justice, all intensified after having witnessed the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of a sworn police officer. It makes sense our world is reeling, and as we are in this world, we are reeling too. We bring our faith to this crisis. We bring our relationship with Christ to the crisis, we bring our faith, with its unanswered, and seeming unanswerable questions, to this crisis. For us, the foundations of our faith may not change—but the answer to the question, “What does it mean to be Christian, in Portland, today?” remains a constant. We hope to live as Christians in the city of Portland in a continued experience of deepening wisdom, genuine humility, and sacrificial love for our neighbors—all our neighbors!

If you are interested in exploring Christianity, particularly the nature of Christianity with faith. . . but not all the answers, you have picked a wonderful time to visit us! Please look around our website, reach out, know that you are loved by a God who has claimed such love for this world, in all its brokenness, that He sent His Son Jesus Christ, who lived, died, rose from the grave, and secured forgiveness and reconciliation for all who simply choose to believe in Him for salvation.

Blessings, Pastor Ken



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