DSCF4409Congratulations to Rodney Haven, who was recognized this week for his enthusiasm, professionalism, and excellence on the job by Portland Commissioner Randy Leonard, who honored Rodney with the Commissioner’s Award!  One of the ways that humans bear the image of God is through our work: how we invest our days and hours to sustain ourselves, to contribute to the world around us, and to live lives that please God.  Rodney, THANK YOU for your example to us and our beloved neighbors!

Here is a GREAT short video regarding Rodney’s job. 

And here is a great article that Willamette Week posted a couple of years ago about Rodney’s incredible, infectious optimism in the face of a very challenging job!

Here is an entry from Commissioner Leonard’s blog regarding the award.

Here is the official recognition of Rodney receiving the award.

Here’s Rodney giving a tour of one of the “loos” that he cleans for the city of Portland, with Commissioner Leonard looking on. I like this picture because the Commissioner’s genuine smile suggests to me that he, like Grace Bible Church, finds Rodney’s optimism and contentment to be absolutely refreshing! Thank you, Rodney! (Pastor Ken)